Christopher Ghigliotty – Greatest Books of All Time


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What a daunting task it would be to write a list like this, but fortunately for us, Norton (of the Norton Anthologies) asked 125 of the greatest living writers to select their top 10, and then (using statistics) produced a final list of the ten greatest books ever written. I certainly agree with the majority of the selections. This is a list of the top 10 books of all time – needless to say, if you have not read these books, you probably should.


Top 10 Winter Towns By Christopher Ghigliotty


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Winter has its own unique beauty – the stillness of snow falling, the soft crunch of it under your feet, the patterns of ice on windows. Then there are always the winter-only activities of skating and sledding we look forward to every year. To seek out some of best winter towns watch on.

Heritage Exposed: Nudity at Historical Sites

Archaeology and Material Culture

Tourists at Angkor (image from Poso a poco). Tourists at Angkor (image from Poco a poco).

In February American tourists Lindsey Kate Adams and Leslie Jan Adams were among the crowds at Cambodia’s Angkor, the 9th-15th century Khmer city and temple complex that UNESCO hails as the most famous archaeological site in southeast Asia.  The World Heritage Site sprawls over about 400 square kilometers, making it among the world’s largest archaeological sites and one of the most visited historical sites in the world.  The Adams sisters were among the thousands of visitors trooping through Angkor in February, with scores of them providing pictures of their journey and the astounding complex.  When the Arizona sisters reached the Preah Khan temple, they likewise documented their visit, yet like a modest but growing wave of contemporary tourists they departed from the conventional monument pose:  the women dropped their pants for a shot of their butts…

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Go Ahead And Write In That Book

101 Books

I’ve always been a proponent of writing in books, even dog-earing pages on occasion. To me, that’s just showing the book a little love.

When I’m finished with a novel, I want the novel to look like I’ve read it. And what better way to do that than writing my thoughts in the margins?

Mortimer Adler wrote a book appropriately called How to Read a Book. Time recently published an excerpt in which Adler explains why you shouldn’t be ashamed to write in your books.

I love this. 

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